Fibre Optic Cables

Ridgemount have a range of Simplex, Duplex, Multi-Fibre Loose Tube and Heavy Duty Duplex cables along with a range breakout [furcation] tubes for sleeving secondary coated [900um] and primary coated [250um] fibres.

We have over 15 years of designing, supplying and qualifying fibre optic cables for specific applications.  All our cable assemblies use our own cables manufactured to exacting standards to ensure a consistent product.  We have recently had many of our internal cables CE [CPR] qualified – for further information please contact technical sales at Ridgemount.

These cable are …

  • Ruggedised Breakout Tubing
  • Heavy Duty Duplex Cables
  • Single Loose Tube 5mm Distribution Cables
  • Low Bend Radius Cables Simplex 2 Fibre Cable [Uniboot Connectors]
  • All our cables use Corning fibres. Please contact our technical sales if you have custom requirement.