Miniflex Cables

Ridgemount Technologies stock, cut and coil Miniflex fibre optic cables. We are also an approved termiantion facitliy for the cables offering bespoke assemblies for a variety of applications.

Miniflex™ Fibre Cable is a flexible fibre optic cable made from crush resistant durable polymer and hasan exceptionally low weight for the level of strength and protection it provides. Available with many different fibre counts and fibre types it is suitable for Installation using blowing, pulling and pushing techniques. Combined with the Ridgmeount LC Venturi it is an ideal way of delivering 2 fibres between to points, such as FTTH Access networks.

Miniflex™ Fibre Optic Cable is compatible with:

  • M2FX Microduct—Internal and external options
  • BOMAN FanOut Manifolds
  • LC Venturi – FTTx Solutions
  • MPO Pre-Term Assemblies