Ridgemount granted UK patent for its LC-QR™ (Quick Release) Connector

Ridgemount’s LC-QR™ [Quick Release] connector has been granted a UK Patent, No. 2589365.

The LC-QR™ is a simplex LC connector with a unique patented front body latch. This latch allows the connector to disconnect from a standard LC adaptor under cable loading or accidental snagging to protect both the cable assembly and the equipment adaptor.

The LC-QR™ is designed to disengage at loads up to 25N and when snagged will disconnect at loads as low as ~5N.

It is therefore ideal for use with patch cords that will be used in the home to connect the CPE to the wall outlet.

Ridgemount Technologies is a UK based technology business that designs and manufactures fibre optic connectors and sub-systems to serve applications in the Telecom, Defence, Broadcast, and Industrial markets around the world.

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