Our Partners

MicroCare – We are a European wholesale stockist for the entire MicroCare range of fibre optic cleaning materials. Maintaining cleanliness is fundamental to optical fibre performance. The Sticklers range of lint free wipes and specialist solvents are ideal for all ferrules, fibres and lens products in our range. www.sticklers.microcare.com

Data Pixel – Data-Pixel are best known for the DAISI, an industry choice interferometer for fibre end face analysis. They specialise in Vision analysis systems and software for custom applications. All Data-Pixel’s machines run off the same BLINK real time inspection software allowing production measurements to be captured in a common database and reporting formats. www.data-pixel.com

Ifotec – Ridgemount supports the Ifotec range of products throughout the UK and Ireland. Ifotec have an experienced team of creative engineers that are able to offer the optimum solution for transmitting Video, Audio, Data and RF signals over fibre. Standard products are available for the Telecom, CCTV and Military markets along with custom solutions for a variety of applications including transmitting bandwidth above 2GHz on each wavelength over distances in excess of 100km. Recent additions include the ADSL extension units delivering broadband services to remote locations. www.ifotec.com

JGR Optics – Ridgemount supports the full range of JGR Optics specialist optical test and measurement equipment in the UK. Established in 2002, JGR Optics is now a leading manufacturer of equipment for Insertion Loss and Return Loss measurements with solutions for single fibre, multi-fibre and multi-wavelengths. www.jgroptics.com

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