680 – Access Switch

The ShieldLITE fibre optic security system is designed for monitoring Network Intrusion or as a trigger for Emergency shut down systems.

The Access Switch, located at a remote network location, is a highly reflective optical switch that requires no local power.

It is designed to fit onto the gates or doors of cabinets, containers or underground chambers where access requires close monitoring.

When closed the switch is highly efficient at reflecting light back down the optical fibre. When the switch is open it blocks reflections to a minimum. Resulting in a high change of reflec on detectable over 80km away.

Combined with the ShieldLite Monitoring Equipment multiple switches can be installed to run over existing optical fibre infrastructure to protect and manage remote network assets and the data being transmitted.


  • Field Cabinet Access Alarm Systems
  • Network Monitoring Systems
  • High Reflec ve Demarca on—RT Device
  • Data-Protec on—Security
  • Secure Compounds— Unmanned Sites
Optical Switch – S12 Material / Optical Specification

Connector Diameter

M12 Panel Mount*

Connector Length

103mm [incl.Boot]

Connector Body

Stainless Steel

Conn Body & Seal

O Ring Seals

Fibre Size

Singlemode Fibres

Insertion Loss

Typical <0.15dB

Return Loss

Closed >50dB / Open>1dB

Mechanical Specification

Optical Switch – S12 Mechanical Specification

Tensile Load

≥90N [IEC61300-2-4]

Static Side Load

≥1N [IEC61300-2-42


10-500Hz / 10g [IEC61300-2-1

Mating endurance

10,000+ Cycles

Environmental Specification

Optical Switch – S12 Environmental Specification

Operational Temperature

-40°C to +85°C

Storage Temperature

-55°C to +85°C


2m+ Water: >4hours

Dust Protection

IP58 [IEC60529] >8hours




  • Switch Lock Cap-Closed Reflect Position.
  • Monitoring Transmission Equipment.
  • Monitoring Software.
  • WDM Modules.
  • Connection Cable Assemblies
  • Mounting Brackets*
Typical Part Numbers Description Fibre Type Cable Ø Length
680 1105 00 Access Switch — SCAPC Assembly SM Blue SM G657A1 2.8mm Blue 5.0m

680 1105 02

Access Switch — SCAPC Assembly MilTac A Series

SM G657A2

2.9mm Black

680 1105 03 Access Switch — SCAPC Assembly MilTac A Series SM G657A2 5mm Lime Green 15.0m

Other cables, lengths & connectors available on request

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