160 – LC sWIPE Dust Cap

The Ridgemount LC sWIPE dust cap is designed to fit over its simplex LC-QR™ and LC-TT™ connectors. It protects the connector against dust and other contaminants and, importantly, provides a means to quickly clean the connector on-site before use.

Incorporating this cleaning functionality in the dust cap means the technician does not need to carry a cleaning kit when making the final connection between the wall outlet and broadband CPE.

The cleaning pad is revealed by flipping open the dust cap top. Wipe the ferrule tip 4 times across the cleaning pad to clean it. Note that this is a one- time operation

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  • Ridgemount LC-QR™ and LC-TT™ connectors
  • Standard LC connectors
Part Number Description Pack size
160 8002 35 Conn Part – LC sWIPE Dust Cap – White – [Box 200] 200

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